• Welcome to Sarawak Culture Village!!!
Operating Hours: 9AM - 5PM

Cultural Show

The air-conditioned theatre is where the Sarawak Cultural Village's award-winning dancers and musicians present their famous multi-cultural performances. Spectacular costumes and elegant dance routines provide an entertaining and enjoyable introduction to Sarawak's ethnic groups and their cultures. Our dance troupe brings fame to the land, creating awes and gasps from Australia to the Americas and across the globe.

Charming Orang Ulu maidens folllowing the pattern of the hornbills or the rugged Iban warrior performing the ngajat, shield in hand are to dancing the rhythm of deep gongs and rainforest musical instruments.

Come! See and feel for yourself at Sarawak Cultural Village. There are two cultural performances each day, Morning show ~ 11:30am and afternoon show ~ 4:00 pm.