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Tuku Kame

The SCV Award Winning Group

Worldstar Road To Hollywood

Left to right; Johari Morshidi, Wilbert Kidi Kamit, Jerry Kamit, Mohd Fadzli Abdullah & Osaini Razak

Formed from the energetic musicians of the Sarawak Cultural Village, led by Narawi Hj. Rashidi, this is an innovative ensemble displaying the depth of Narawi's talent as a composer, arranger and innovator. The musicians are all seasoned performers, having toured to Canada, USA, Australia, The Middle East, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Brunei.

Tuku Kame combines the traditional Sarawakian instruments of thirty ethnic races residing on the Island of Borneo played in contemporary tunes to create an infectious and exciting new sound.

Recently, Tuku Kame has made Malaysia proud at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Los Angeles, United States from July 11-19, 2009, where they won 4 golds and Jerry Kamit also won in Individual Male Instrument with 4 golds.

Their 2 CDs entitled TUKU KAME and GADONG are available at the SCV's Handicraft shop.

If you wish to purchase this wonderful and exciting music, please contact TUKU KAME founder, Narawi Hj. Rashidi at narawicd@gmail.com. Thank you.