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Sculpture Park

Whilst many of us are familiar with stone-age legacies such as those at Niah or Stonehenge, there is now a new, modern stone Sculpture Park right here in Sarawak! Located in the internationally acclaimed Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), the modern stone sculptures are a legacy of the first Batu Sarawak:

International Stone Sculptors Camp held in 2003.

Under the skilful hands of a group of international and local sculptors, the native stones of Damai were given a new lease of life as they were transformed into works of art.

Furthermore, each piece of the stone art is a reflection of the sculptor's expression and perception on his/her experience and surrounding.

Indeed, the Sculpture Park adds a new dimension to the Cultural Village. To truly appreciate the myriad and varied techniques used by the sculptors, a first-hand view of this rock art is required.