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Theme Party

500 years ago, the Dayaks brought back enemies' heads as trophies after a battle and received their warriorship from their Village Chief. The victories are celebrated in great pomp and honour called a "Headhunter Party". Today, the Sarawak Cultural Village brings alive this victorious moment and style of celebration of the past to be experienced by incentive groups who are similarly recognised as top achievers.

In the Sarawak Cultural Village, the Headhunter Theme Party is organised to allow the guests to experience the non-stop entertainment which include the beautiful movements of the traditional dances, sounds of ethnic music, activities, games and the old folk songs of the Dayaks. Putting on the traditional costumes of each Dayak ethnic group such as the Sirat (Loin Cloth), sarong, vest and straw headband, creates more authenticity and uniqueness to experience an ambiance of the Headhunters Night. A menu of your choice and free flow of local wine (tuak) will be served during the party.

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