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Sarawak Harvest & Folklore Festival

Sarawak Harvest & Folklore Festival is coming soon ! The Sarawak Harvest & Folklore Festival (SHFF) is organised to create a colourful and vibrant ethnic festival as a prelude to the state-wide Gawai Dayak celebration which will be celebrated from the eve and end of June annually.

The SHFF also aims to celebrate the diversity of the different ethnic groups of Sarawak and to help both the locals and foreigners enhance their understanding of other cultures in the world.

Thus, it is an ideal place for the people of different backgrounds to meet, discuss and compare notes on traditional cultures through the exchange of ideas, portrayal of dances, music, arts and crafts. This enables the people who participated in the festival to discover something new of other cultures and at the same time appreciate their own cultural heritage.

As many ethnic groups in the world are involved in padi planting and thus padi harvesting, their traditional cultures are closely related to the land and agriculture. It is fruitful that these ethnic groups should understand such cultures and compare notes among themselves.

The theme play to be presented this year is entitled ‘Rentap ~ The Untold Story’ based on Iban legend; in scenes enlivened with theatrical effects in an outdoor natural settings fronting a lake. This theme play will be staged on the 28th April 2018 at SCV.

15 finalists of Ethnic Beauty Pageant Miss Cultural Harvest Festival 2018 will be presenting their talents, grace and beauty in colourful traditional Iban costumes and accessories. The Miss Talent CHF 2018 and the grand final shall be held on 27th April 2018.

This year’s world harvest festival will also features Sape’ World Concert & workshop. We are pleased to share this harvest festival with sape players from Thailand, Brunei, Kalimantan And Sape together with Sarawak renowned sape players in Sape concert which will be held on 29th April 2018 at Theatre, Sarawak Cultural Village. This concert will feature Sape traditional and fusion music by international musicians as well as Sape’ workshop at day time.

Tribal Ironman Challenge 2018 shall put the 15 finalists through various tasks to test their skills and strengths such as lifting gunny sacks weighing around 50 kg, climb Mount Santubong, blowpipe shooting, coconut de-husking with bare hands and other competitive activities throughout the 3 days festival.

For food enthusiasts, there will be a Sarawak Ethnic Kitchen Culinary Challenge which is open to any nationalities. This also gives our visitors an opportunity to try out some interesting indigenous food of Sarawak and participate in the cooking competition throughout the 3 days event.

The SHFF 2017 is organized by the Sarawak Cultural Village and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak, Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and Sarawak Tourism Board.

It is hoped that many people from all walks of life will enjoy the festival as it promises a glimpse of history, a taste of tradition and certainly a sight of internationally awarded performances for everyone.

So come to the Sarawak Harvest & Folklore Festival 2018 at the Sarawak Cultural Village on 27th – 29th April 2018. Entrance tickets are on sale at the Sarawak Cultural Village at RM30.00 until 15th April 2018. You also can buy the ticket online at www.sarawakharvestfest.com. For more information and booking requirements, please contact Puan Grace/Puan Rashida at 082-826108/411; fax at 082-846988; email at enquiry@scv.com.my