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500 years ago, the Dayaks brought back enemies’ heads as trophies after a battle and received their warrior ship from their Village Chief. Their victories were celebrated in great pomp and honor called a “Headhunter Party”.

Today, Sarawak Cultural Village brings alive this victorious moment and style of celebration of the past to be experienced by incentive groups who are similarly recognized as top achievers. The Headhunter Theme Party allows the party host and guests to experience the non-stop entertainment which includes the beautiful movements of the traditional dances, sounds of ethnic music, activities, games and the old folk songs of the Dayaks.

They get to put on the traditional costumes of each Dayak ethnic group such as the Sirat (Loin Cloth), sarong, vest and straw headband, creating more authenticity and uniqueness to experience an ambiance of the Headhunters Night. A menu of the host’s choice and free flow of local wine (tuak) will be served during the party.

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People get married in hot air balloons, by the poolside, and even on Big Bikes. It is only a matter of time before people wanting to get married at Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV). Although there is no resident Parson or Registrar at SCV, we do provide traditional wedding packages.

The shown video is not a fairy tale. It is an actual wedding held in the finest traditions of one of the ethnic tribes of Sarawak. Bridal couples may celebrate in Malay, Iban, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu outfits, settings and feasts. Invite as many guests as you like too. The only thing we don’t provide is the bride or groom – and they all lived happily ever after.

The ritual and costumes adopted in each of the four wedding packages are authentic and each has its own special charm and appeal making yours a most memorable wedding celebration!

Thinking of getting married in Sarawak Cultural Village? All you need to do is choose us and we will do the rest. With our experience team here in SCV, we can guarantee that your wedding will be a day to remember forever for you and your guests alike.

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Will your next Product Launch be a Media Sensation? If you launch it at Sarawak Cultural Village, the answer is YES! Our unique, authentic setting, dynamic multiple awards-winning team, dancers, and musicians can transform your product launch into an unforgettable, visually rich and extremely newsworthy media event.


Our Sarawak Cultural Village artists are able to transform any event or occasion into an unforgettable spectacular multi-cultural Bonanza. By hiring our artists, you and your guests get to experience the music, the mystery and the magic of Borneo live, from wherever you choose.

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